Various SEO Link Building Methods For Dallas Fort Worth Businesses

If you are making decisions for a Dallas Fort Worth / North Texas area business, then you may be considering search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to help generate new customers / clients for the company. Some of the "search engines", depending on your prospective audience, could be:

Below you will find some examples of various links which have been built to help Dallas Fort Worth businesses rank better in the various "search engines" (as mentioned above) to rank and, ultimately, generate new phone calls and emails or walk-ins.

Infographics And Press Releases For SEO

This business is based on the Garland/Richardson border and offers an online driving education parent taught option for Texas teenagers. Since the process for a teen in Texas to get a drivers license requires a few steps, the decision to use an infographic has helped prospective customers (in this case, the parents) who might otherwise be confused.

The infographic was placed on a third-party blog post which then links to the desired page on the client's website.  Click this link to see the example:  Go Here

An additional link to the press was added:  See the press release

Metaverse Virtual Land (Digital Real Estate) Links For SEO

This link was added to a virtual land (digital real estate) purchase on one of the handful of Earth-based metaverses which permit the purchase of NFT's which represent a local geographic-specific piece of land:  metaverse virtual land for SEO link building

In addition to the SEO benefit, the particular metaverse virtual land (digital real estate) NFT which represents the land on which the actual Dallas area business operates has additional benefits - both current benefits & future ones for additional lead generation:

The topic of a local metaverse land/building combination soon will be commonplace just like most businesses know now that they need a Google Business Profile (Maps) listing, at least a handful of social media profiles, and likely a presence on Yelp or Nextdoor plus a YouTube channel.

Questions And Answers On Google Business Profile (Maps)

One little-known aspect of every local Dallas Fort Worth business' Google Business Profile is the ability for existing customers and prospective customers to ask questions through the Knowledge Graph. That is the verified Google Business listing which displays when you type in a specific company's name + the city.  In addition to prospective customers asking questions, the business' replies to these questions show a high degree of interaction with customers through the listing; and this helps show that the business is legitimate & answers questions in a timely manner.  This combination increases the authority score in Google's algorithm and, hopefully, increases the listing's rankings in the Maps portion of the search engine.  Here is an example of a Dallas area video production company's replies to prospective customer's questions:  Example here

Local Optimized YouTube Playlists

There is a special way to optimize and add videos to help a playlist in YouTube rank well for competitive local keywords - both inside YouTube as well as Google. Occasionally, even Bing picks up an optimized YouTube playlist and gives it page 1 rankings for competitive keywords.  Here is an example of a design agency's playlist targeting specific keywords to help be found better both in Dallas as well as all of Texas:  See the playlist here

Other Video Platforms Besides YouTube

This Dallas / Irving / Las Colinas area sports bar has a solid presence on YouTube. As a backup, and a way to generate additional quality links to the website, the restaurant also set up an optimized Rumble channel.  Go here to see an example of their video with links back to the main website & mention of the address in the description (as an unstructured citation to help boost Maps rankings):  See here

Enhancing A Google Business Profile With Products For A Service Business

Even though the company is an insurance agency near Uptown Dallas, hence technically a service business, the Google Business Listing allows such a service business to list "Products" inside the GBP listing.  Examples would be "church insurance", "commercial umbrella insurance", and even indiviudal renters insurance.  See the products at this link:  Go here

OpenSea NFTs for Local Businesses

This is a bit complex, but the previously mentioned virtual land NFTs even can be listed on the big NFT platforms like OpenSea. Those, in turn, may help increase SEO rankings especially for local DFW address searches like this one for a chiropractor in North Dallas:  Dallas address NFT example on OpenSea

Embedding Videos On Traditional Image-Sharing Websites

Some known image-sharing websites, like Flickr, also permit smaller-sized videos like you might find on YouTube or even Instagram or TikTok. This example is for a plumber serving McKinney:  Flickr video example

Embedding YouTube Videos Inside Press Releases

In order to deliver more authority and power to a DFW business' YouTube channel, the use of certain press release distribution newswire services can permit the embedding of one particular video from the business' YouTube channel. This powers up the video and, to a lesser degree, all of the other videos on the channel. This Richardson area hypnosis (hypnotherapy) accredited training school did that in one of its recent press releases:  See the example here

If you are looking for unique backlinking methods to complement your exisitng SEO efforts in the Dallas Fort Worth area then contact through its LinkedIn page here: